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The largest seashells collection in Africa


World of Seashells

Unique in Mauritius, World of Seashells Museum presents 8,000 pieces from the collection of Mr. Le Court de Billot. This passionate Mauritian conchophile has collected seashells from around the world with concern of ecosystems and species. The collection began before him with his parents. They entrusted it to him as they also passed on their passion for shells. 

During your visit, you will discover all the secrets of the shells: their morphology, their living mechanism, their defense system, the beautiful, perfect patterns and dreamy colours.  You will also learn how men have used shells throughout the world over the course of centuries.

World of Seashells is the only Seashells museum in Mauritius and hosts the largest collection on the African continent.

There is the mini laboratory for children, where they can participate in fun and educative activities, such as designing their own shells. 

The themes in this exhibition

Shell Theorem.png

Myths and Legends

Be transported by stories and myths across America to Asia via Africa - all on one subject: the origin of life connected to the symbol of the shell.

The Shell Theorem

Seashells have shapes that unveil the poetry of mathematics and the great art of Nature.  The 3D animations onsite will reveal the secrets behind these perfect shapes.

Interactive and Educative displays

The mini-laboratory offers fun activities to discover the mollusc world, listen to the sea from a shell or to observe shell dust under a magnifying glass.

Retail Corner

The gallery has a boutique corner where souvenirs, jewelry and decorative items are available for purchase.  The products are inspired by seashells. They mostly come from artisans and small and medium
Island businesses. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase accessories in order to make their own necklaces or bracelets. 

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Sun & Public Holidays : 9am - 4pm (last entrance 3pm)


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